Custom Jewelry is the Perfect Holiday Gift

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The Perfect Holiday Gift – Custom Jewelry for a Lifetime of Memories

The holiday season is a special time of the year in which gifts are exchanged and smiles are shared. It is a once-a-year opportunity to give special gifts to your family and friends. Presents with a little extra personal touch always wind up meaning a little more. It is presents like those that bring out wide smiles.

This year, Le Vive Jewelry can make smiles shine with a unique kind of holiday present unlike any other. We offer custom-made jewelry in which you help with the design. At Le Vive Jewelry, we count on our customers to put their own touch on our custom-made jewelry. When you decide to go with Le Vive, it involves more than just a quick stop at the mall. It is an exciting experience that allows you to design your very own gift. What better way to say happy holidays than with a custom-made piece of jewelry designed by your own hand.

Le Vive Jewelry invites you to come down to our store and let us help you get started. Once you make an appointment, we’ll invite you to visit us with your personal sketches, pictures and any other items you are looking to incorporate into your jewelry. That can include loose stones, pieces of gold and platinum, or anything else with special meaning. A design specialist will then help you decide on the exact look of your custom-made jewelry. Before you even get started, we will offer you a price quote as we strive to provide very affordable rates on these truly unique gifts.

Le Vive Jewelery will also offer free advice from our master jeweler who will actually produce your own custom-made jewelry with expert precision. But it will be you who inspire the design of your jewelry. You will be involved in the entire process from beginning to end. And whatever design you choose, it will include a personal piece of you.

Your custom jewelry can take as little as two weeks to finish up and be ready right in time for the holidays. Why waste time browsing aimlessly from aisle to aisle? You don’t have to worry about running from store to store in search of the perfect gift any longer. Give a gift directly from you with tour own personal touch. Le Vive Jewelry is ready to help make your holiday a happy one with a custom-made gift that you can’t buy anywhere else.


Mohammad H Alnajafi

Owner of Le Vive Jewelry

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