In-House Appraisals


Le Vive Jewelry offers Appraisals by GIA certified gemolgyst.

The following services are available: 


Jewelry Appraisals With a GIA Certified Gemologist
  • Written Jewelry & Watch Replacement Value Appraisal for your Insurance needs.
    • A detailed written analysis of your Gold & Gemstone Jewelry.
    • Specifying the Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, and Dimensions of any gemstones.
    • Includes a copy for you and your insurance company with a picture and detailed description of each piece.
    • Replacement Value is an approximate cost of replacement should your jewelry become lost or stolen.
    • Price evaluation is based upon the prices in the jewelry industry at the time of the appraisal.
  • Verbal Gemstone & Jewelry Appraisal
    • Identification and a general evaluation with an approximate retail value.
  • Diamond Testing and Identification
  • Gemstone Identification - If you are not sure what kind of stone you have.
  • Metal Testing - Don't know if your gold is 14k or 18k? We can test it!