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Cost of Resizing a Ring

What is the Cost of Resizing a Ring?

We oftentimes are asked for the cost to resize a ring. While we would like to give a flat rate cost of resizing a ring, it is not as easy as that. There are several variables that need to be considered when trying to figure out the cost to resize a ring; this includes the material the ring is made of, whether it needs to have additional repairs, refinishing and whether you are sizing up or sizing down.

Ring Resizing Services by Le Vive Jewelry is your best choice as we offer on-site services; allowing you to drop off your ring and have a meal and come back when it is done. Whether your ring is spinning around, or if your ring is too tight, we can resize the ring for you.

The following are the top reasons why you should have your ring resized with us:

  • Work is done on-site: This means our master jewelers work on it based on your requirements. Unlike other places, we don’t send your ring or jewelry out to be repaired. You are working directly with our master jewelers.
  • We can size almost any precious metal; this includes resizing rings made of: white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or sterling silver.
  • Extra Services – we will polish and rhodium plate (*for white gold rings) for all ring resizing service.
  • Quality Service – We never stretch rings when resizing them. Stretching rings can compromise the integrity of the
  • Adding the right metals – Our ring resizing costs includes the adding of the right metal to your ring. Our Riverside Master Jewelers add gold, platinum or silver to the ring.
  • Fast Service – We offer same day and next day service. Call to set an appointment with the best Riverside Jeweler in town!

Cost of Resizing a Ring - Le Vive Jewelry of Riverside

Ring Resizing Cost Explained – by Le Vive Jewelry of Riverside

There are many things to consider when resizing a ring. If you have the ring sized up or down, you must work with a jeweler that knows how to deal with the stones or pearls involved. Resizing is not simply making a ring bigger or smaller, the pearls, diamonds, and stones may need to be reset so they do not fall out. The integrity of our work at Le Vive Jewelry is the kind of work that the Riverside community has trusted for over 16 years.

So when it comes to getting the exact ring resizing cost for you, simply give Le Vive Riverside Jeweler a call or come to our store at the Riverside Plaza.

We’re sure that our ring resizing costs beats the competition and the quality of service and workmanship is next to none.