Rhodium Plating Services

Rhodium Plating Services – Le Vive Jewelry of Riverside

What is Rhodium plating? Is it good or bad for jewelry? How does rhodium plating add value to my ring; wedding band, engagement ring? How does rhodium plating work? We at Le Vive Jewelry of Riverside often here these questions and have put together this page just to help you better understand what Rhodium plating is and about our services.

What is Rhodium plating?

Rhodium is a rare metal that is silver or white in color. It comes from the platinum family group in the periodic table which means it is highly durable and costly. What is the price of rhodium compared to other precious metals? It is almost two times more costly that platinum and three to four times the cost of gold. Because rhodium is rare and has a very brilliant and beautiful sheen to it, many use it to enhance their jewelry. Even when rhodium is heated it rarely forms an oxide therefore making it an idea element to use in improving

the finishing of jewelry pieces.

Riverside Rhodium plating services:

Why should you consider Rhodium plating services with Le Vive Jewelry of Riverside? Because Rhodium greatly enhances the beauty of jewelry pieces, it is a wonderful service for your jewelry, especially wedding bands and rings. Rhodium is a highly durable metal that withstands corrosion. The nature of Rhodium is that enhances reflectivity of the jewelry piece therefore making gemstones and diamonds look brighter and more brilliant.

How Rhodium Plating Enhances your Jewelry:

Your bridal ring and wedding band will naturally require periodical maintenance of polish and rhodium finish in order to keep it white and brilliant. The rhodium finish process at Le Vive Jewelry is relatively inexpensive and can be completed in a short time. When the rhodium plating is applied, it makes the ring more attractive and beautiful.

Our rhodium plating services are done by electroplating which leaves a protective coating about the thickness of a micron on standard 14k white gold; in other words we rhodium flash your jewelry to enhance brilliance and durability.

How often should you Rhodium plate your jewelry?

We recommend that you have your rings plated every few years depending on your usage. When you notice that there is less sheen and reflection from your ring, simply bring in your jewelry piece and we will examine it for you and give you details on our best recommendations. The master jewelers of Le Vive are one of Riverside’s finest jewelers and we guarantee our work. Ensure that you take care of your jewelry with our rhodium plating services or any other jewelry maintenance or custom jewelry design services.  Give us a call at (951) 680-0506 to set up an appointment or just drop by to see exactly what we can do for your jewelry.  We are here to help. Le Vive Jewelry or Riverside in the Riverside Plaza