Jim Kassar

Jim Kassar, Store Manager

My background in fine jewelry goes back to 1978, when I was a college student and I began working as an apprentice in a jewelry workshop during the summer breaks. That experience in the jewelry manufacturing, opened for me a path into the jewelry retailing that has been my career since then.

Starting in 1981 in the jewelry district in Los Angeles, I kept gaining in knowledge and experience throughout the different jewelry stores that I was happy to work for. I worked in the fine jewelry department at “Harris’ Department Store” in San Bernardino, “Tekin Brothers Jewelers” in West Covina, “Samuels Jewelers” in Riverside, and “Petra Fine Jewelry” in Mission Viejo”. My positions graduated from sales associate, to lead-sale, to store manager, to partner.

Last year I came to my new professional home at “Le Vive Jewelry”. I have known Mr. Mohammad Alnajafi for a long time, and I always admired his experience in running a successful full service fine jewelry store. But more important, I like the great working atmosphere here at “Le Vive Jewelry”; we are a chic independent retail jewelry store with a friendly staff, experienced technicians, and happy customers.

I am always grateful that through my work, I have the opportunity to assist and help my customers, give them the best advice in choosing the jewelry that is suitable for those happy occasions in their lives, and I get to share with them in that happy moment. Many times I feel privileged that in a way, our store is contributing to that happiness.