History of Le Vive Jewelry

Le Vive Jewelry Riverside CaLe Vive Jewelry™ was established on September 17, 1997 under the name of Jewelry Express. Our first store opened at the Galleria at Tyler, in Riverside, CA.

The main focus was to offer the public first class jewelry repair, watch services, and custom designed jewelry. Since then, Le Vive has discovered more aspects to serve not only our loyal customers, but also the public at large. Gradually, we have developed our jewelry lines to include even more unique and higher quality jewelry.

On February 1st, 2005, we opened our second store in Riverside, CA at the Riverside Plaza. This store is much larger than our first store was at the Galleria at Tyler, and adds a classic and elegant design to the atmosphere of a fine jewelry store.

Then in 2010 for the first time we opened our Online location, Ashtar Trading. Focusing on competitive prices with luxury brand name men's and ladies' watches, designer engagement and wedding rings, and fine jewelry.

Now in 2013 we are consolidating our websites under one name, Le Vive Jewelry. Working to bring you the best of both worlds! The convenience of online shopping with our competitive pricing and the ability to take advantage of all of our in-site services!

Le Vive Jewlery customer
Le Vive Custom Jewelry Design
Le Vive Jewelry Riverside Dinner Party