Best Place to Get your Jewelry Cleaned, Maintained and Serviced

Best Place to Get your Jewelry Cleaned, Maintained and Serviced - Le Vive Jewelry of Riverside

We know that your jewelry is precious to you and we understand that you want to go to a jeweler that is trusted and well known in the Riverside area. Le Vive Jewelry is the place to go for professional jewelry cleaning, inspecting, maintenance and servicing. We've been serving the Riverside community over the last 17 years and many Riverside families come to us to keep their jewelry looking its absolute best.

Riverside Jewelry Professional Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Come in for your FREE jewelry inspection, we will help you identify the earliest possible signs of any damage or wear and tear on your favorite pieces. Along with our free inspection, we offer free jewelry cleaning services. If we find any problems with your jewelry we will walk you through all the details and our recommendations to keep your favorite jewelry piece lasting longer and more beautiful over the years. We want to help our customers protect their jewelry from discoloration, tarnishing and from turning dull and dingy. Give us a call for an appointment or simply walk into or store and get your free jewelry inspection and cleaning today!

On site jewelry repairs and maintenance by Master Jewelers

The master jewelers at Le Vive have been working on jewelry over the last 20 years, allowing us to have a competitive advantage over other jewelers. We do not send out jewelry maintenance and repairs off site like many jewelers do. This means you have the peace of mind that your jewelry will be safe in our hands and that they will taken care of professionally. There is no middle man involved in the care of your precious rings, necklaces, bracelets and pedants and more.

Tips by our Master Jewelers to keep your Jeweler lasting longer and more brilliant

We are often asked how to better maintain jewelry so that it lasts longer over the years. Here are a few tips from our Master Jewelers:

  • Have your jewelry Polished & Cleaned at least once a year. With our free cleaning services at Le Vive, you will have a free inspection to ensure that your jewelry is in good condition.

  • Have the prong of your rings checked at least once a year. The last thing you want is to have unnoticed prong damage where you loose your precious Diamonds and Gemstones. Typically every 3 to 5 years is when ring prongs become damaged, loose or become low.

  • Re-tipping prongs of your ring ensures that your Gemstones and Diamonds are safe and secure from lose or damage.

Get Free Jewelry Inspection and Cleaning at Le Vive in Riverside Today!

We are the number 1 trusted jeweler in Riverside for jewelry cleaning, maintenance and inspection. Come in today for your free jewelry cleaning and inspection. We will inspect your pieces to check on settings, prongs and tips and for any damage like scratches on the Gemstone or Diamond. For jewelry cleaning, we put your pieces in an ultrasound machine and steam cleaned at no charge. Again, all jewelry services are performed by our Master Jewelers, which is all done on site. Have peace of mind when it comes to your jewelry, give us a call or text at (951) 202-7697 or come into our store today.