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Rolex is perhaps is the most famous and prestigious watch on the market today. Rolex Swiss watches are very well known for their quality and durability. However, just like any other valuable possession in our lives, like our house or car, Rolex watches require regular maintenance and repairs to ensure that it lasts a lifetime or two.

Rolex watches usually have a Swiss mechanical/automatic (self-winding) movement, which is highly rated for their quality and will last around ten years before any maintenance or overhaul is required. After that, one should have their Rolex watch inspected regularly. We at Le Vive recommend that you service and repair your Rolex watches once every five years.

Rolex Repair and Service Recommendations:

If you notice that your Rolex watch has one or more of the following traits, please bring it into our on-site repair and service center right away:

  • Loosing time at the rate of one minute or more every 24 hours
  • Gaining time at the rate of one minute or more every 24 hours
  • Stopping in less than 24 hours if not worn
  • Making a scratchy noise when it is shaken for winding
  • The crystal becomes foggy when it is exposed to water or moisture
  • General appearance is not good because of normal wear and tear
  • Accidents; like being dropped on a solid surface or bumped into a solid object

Master Watch Maker on-Site for Rolex Repairs & Service

You are welcome to visit Le Vive Jewelry where you can have a complimentary in store consultation, examination, and estimate for your Rolex watch. We at Le Vive Jewelry, have an experienced staff who are very knowledgeable and familiar with Rolex watches and many fine Swiss watch brands. Our Master Watchmaker, Señor Luis Torres, carries fifty years of watch service experience, and he has been working with us for more than ten years. He is very familiar with all kinds of Rolex models like the Presidential, Date Just, Submariner, Daytona and others. We have access to all genuine Rolex parts for any needed replacement.

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