Jewelry Restoration, Repair and Restyling

Jewelry Repair and Restoration in Riverside, Ca

To many, jewelry is more than a beautiful piece of gold and gemstone, it is something of sentimental value.  Jewelry brings us back to a memory of a special event or someone dear to our heart.  Often times, jewelry is passed on from generation to generation.  While we want to keep the original, over time pieces of jewelry loses its luster and original beauty.  Many folks want to bring their jewelry pieces back to its original brilliance, but they are unsure of a place that will do a good job restoring the piece.


Trusted Jewelry Repair Shop in Riverside

We at Le Vive Jewelry have on-site master jewelers with over 16+ years of experience in serving the Riverside, CA community.  As a trusted jeweler of Riverside, you are in good hands with your precious antique pieces.  We guarantee that the piece you bring in will come out looking better than ever.  In addition to this, the jewelry piece will guarantee to increase in value, because of the master craftsmanship we provide.


Want more than Jewelry Repair and Restoration?

If you have a old piece of jewelry where you want a little more work done than simple repair an restoration,  no problem.  Le Vive not only repairs damaged jewelry, but we can work with you to keep the existing gemstones, while updating the look and feel of the piece.  What is the process of restyling your jewelry with Le Vive of Riverside?  To give your old jewelry a new look and feel, simply:

  • Bring in the old jewelry you’d like to update
  • Bring in some examples of the updates you’d like to have made
  • Have a discussion with our master jewelers
  • Let us give you some of our expert advice to keeping the value of the piece while giving it an updated look and feel
  • Let us show you or draw up some examples of what we can do (all based on what you like)
  • We’ll give you a quote on restyling the jewelry piece


Best Price and Quality for Jewelry Repair, Restoration and Restyling

Regardless of exactly what you want done with your old or antique jewelry piece, just bring it in for a free jewelry inspection and cleaning.  Based on your wants and needs, we’ll give you the best recommendations to make your piece exactly as you want it. 

Come in today for a free jewelry inspection and cleaning.  We will check on settings, prongs and tips and for any damage like scratches on the Gemstone or Diamond.  Have peace of mind when it comes to your jewelry, give us a call or text at (951) 202-7697 or come into our store today.