Custom Jewelry Design

Custom Jewelry– Master Jewelers of Le Vive Jewelry in Riverside

Why Choose Custom Jewelry Design?

Choosing jewelry can sometimes be difficult because there are so many options available.  While it is easy for you to walk into a franchise out of the box jewelry store, sometimes having a generic piece is not what you want, especially if it is for a special occasion. When you are looking for something that is extra special, you must consider going with a custom jewelry design as the perfect gift.

Why Le Vive for Custom Jewelry Design?

Custom Jewelry Design Riverside

We know that you want your custom jewelry will be timeless, beautiful, unique and personal to you and the recipient of the piece. Le Vive Jewelry is known as the trusted source for custom jewelry design in Riverside, because our on-site Master Jeweler works with you to create the perfect one-of-a-kind, custom jewelry with a quick turn-around time. Having our own jeweler on staff allows us to minimize third-party costs and continuously monitor the quality of the work provided; ultimately leading to the highest quality of jewelry at the lowest possible cost to you.

Custom Jewelry Design Process at Le Vive of Riverside

Whether you have your drawing of your jewelry to be designed or you have a few ideas, come to Le Vive and let us help you make it a reality. Our trusted Master Jewelers of Riverside will work with you closely to create exactly what you’re looking for. Le Vive Jewelry has a multi-step design process that is coordinated in a way that ensures that what you have imagined is exactly what we will make.

The Custom Jewelry Design Process:

  1. Schedule an Appointment.
  2. Bring any of the following with you
  • Any sketches you have made
  • Pictures of similar items (or the same item if you are looking to duplicate)
  • Actual similar items (or the item you wish to duplicate)
  • Any loose stones you wish to use in the custom piece
  • Any old gold, platinum, or silver that you would like to be used, or use as trade
  • We will then work with our Master Jeweler and provide a Free, No Obligation Quote for your custom piece of jewelry.
    • Your Design Specialist will work with you every step of the way to be sure that the piece we are creating is consistent with what you want.
    • Besides sketches, CAM / CAD Digital 3D models can be created to show you every angle of your soon to be reality custom piece to be sure it is perfect (charges may apply).
  • Once you are completely satisfied with the design and look you and have approved the pricing and payment plan we can bring your creation to life! Custom jobs take anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks.
  • Want more detail about our custom design jewelry process? Click here.